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  • Each product is created only and entirely in Italy. Erba was founded in 1958 in Brianza, right in the heart of the Italian furniture industry – a company now with long history of research and innovation.

  • All raw materials used are produced in Italy and Germany, in compliance with the current European standards of safety and emissions. For our products, we only use E1 panels, with a low formaldehyde emission. All surfaces are highly resistant to abrasions, light, water and heat.

  • Any and every kind of workmanship is done inside the company. This is the only way to guarantee our customers the highest quality standards.

  • All of our collections communicate with each other and are completely integrated, creating a single furnishing system. This means that you can create complete solutions ranging from the kids’ bedroom, studio apartment or office, and everything else across the board. For each project, we offer a coordinated and decisive solution.

  • We use a revolutionary new production system. And thanks to this, we give you the opportunity to have customized cuts and special solutions so that your interior will be designed following all your needs.